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This is a list of revisions to the Lucent LT Win Modem Page beginning 26 May 1999:

12-Sep-06 - Drivers - Updated Modem-on-hold applet 1.76 added.

18-Apr-06 - AT Commands - Updated link to Agere's Reference Manual.

27-Nov-04 - Drivers -Updated Lucent/Agere listing.

8-Oct-04 - Drivers - Updated link to Agere site driver download.

18-Aug-04 - Drivers - info on 8.31 driver added. Compaq listing updated.

1-Dec-03 - About - Text updated (LT on AMD).

4-Nov-03 - Drivers - Toshiba listing updated.

11-Oct-03 - Drivers - Updated to reflect 8.30 driver from Microsoft Windows Update and 8.30 Readme updated with laptop install issue/resolution.

20-Aug-03 - Drivers - Updated to reflect 8.30 driver available from Agere site.

7-Aug-03 - Drivers -  New 8.30 Driver.

27-Jun-03 - Drivers - New Modem-on-Hold applet 1.72 added.

15-Jun-03 - Trouble - text updated. Windows Me,NT,2000,XP & Linux - text updated. Identifying Driver - text updated. Upgrading Driver - text updated.

10-May-03 - Drivers - Agere listing updated to reflect 8.28 version.

4-May-03 - Linux Info - Updated text/versions available including download from Modemsite.

18-Apr-03 - Drivers - new 8.28 driver now available. AT Commands - Updated broken link to Agere .pdf AT Command doc.

16-Apr-03 - Contents - Updated driver text to include caution of 8.27 driver; Drivers - added Modem-on-Hold 1.71.

22-Mar-03 - Drivers - expanded text on 8.27 driver with link to add'l info.

20-Mar-03 - Drivers - Added info/caution on 8.27 driver available from Microsoft Windows Update.

14-Mar-03 - Handshakes & Diagnostics - Description of estimated noise level updated.

1-Mar-03 - Drivers - Lucent listing link & version corrected. Compaq listing updated. HP listing changed to remove bad ftp link.

2-Jan-03 - Drivers - Added driver versions 8.18, 8.17 and Modem-on-hold 1.59 to Modemsite Download driver archives.

18-Dec-02 - Drivers - Netcomm listing updated.

13-Dec-02 - Compaq & LT - text updated to include Windows XP.

28-Nov-02 - Drivers - New Modem-on-Hold applet version 1.68 available; New MoH Readme and Documentation available.

15-Nov-02 - About the LT - Link to Agere chipset documentation added.

13-Nov-02 - Drivers - Compaq listing updated.

19-Oct-02 - Trouble with the LT - Win98/BSOD issue added.

25-Sep-02 - Compaq & LT - text updated.

20-Sep-02 - Drivers - Lectron listing updated.

8-Sep-02 - Trouble with the LT - Distinctive ring text updated.

14-Sep-02 - Caller ID - new page.

3-Sep-02 - Drivers - new generic driver 8.24 and LT Modem-on-Hold v 1.64 added to Modemsite download area.

10-Aug-02 - Drivers - Winbook listing update. Readme for 8.22 driver updated.

11-Jul-02 - LT & MOH - Incorrect link to Zoom Venus file corrected.

4-Jul-02 - New Page on using Zoom's LTMOH Modem-on-hold applet with any Lucent V.92 chipset. Link to the MOH page added to LT & V.92 page. Trouble with the LT - added 'defective' modem section including note on problem with some Lectron modems.

18-Jun-02 - Trouble with the LT - section added on Dial-tone detection.

10-May-02 - Identifying DSP Chipset with ATi5 - Text revised - some 'Mars 3' device IDs may be reported when modem actually has Mars 3.2 DSP.  LT 8.22 Readme - updated.

9-May-02 - Drivers - New generic driver version 8.22 available. New page added - Identifying DSP Chipset with ATi5.

24-Apr-02 - LT & V.92 text updated to indicate original 1648 chip (1648T) is not capable of supporting V.92.

22-Mar-02 - LT & V.92 text updated.

21-Mar-02 - Drivers - Compaq listing updated. Netcomm listing updated.

17-Mar-02 - Driver downloads - 8.02-special package added to driver downloads; this combination of 8.02 core with 8.10 generic allows any LT modem to disconnect on call waiting using V.90 or lower; the server-side ISP does not need to support V.92.

23-Feb-02 - LT & V.92 text updated. About the LT - How to tell which DSP you have text added.

19-Feb-02 - AT Commands - Link to Agere's .pdf AT Command Reference updated.

17-Feb-02 - About the LT - AKA's section updated with additional DSP chip # and other info.

16-Feb-02 - Driver Downloads - text relating to availability of drivers from Microsoft's Windows Update revised to reflect apparent inability to download these drivers from any machine not connecting via XP. New 8.20 V.92 driver available. Main Page - warning added regarding V.92 modems using the 1646 Mars-2 DSP.

9-Feb-02 - Driver Downloads: download of drivers made a feature for users with ad-free access code.  Driver page updated to reflect this change. About the LT - updated to include chip numbers used in 'LT Win Modems'.

8-Feb-02 - Upgrade Procedure page updated - WIN 2K/XP procedure added.

2-Feb-02 - Driver page - Askey listing updated.

30-Jan-02 - Driver page - Add link to New Page regarding installation of 6.04 "XP" driver on XP, WinMe, and 2K.

29-Jan-02 - Driver page - New 6.04 driver available from Microsoft's Windows Update for XP.

20-Jan-02 - Driver page - Zoom now has updated 8.12 Driver and updated Modem-on-hold applet. Note: this is on their XP driver page, however, the driver will work with all Windows OS's. Also note, this driver will not provide V.92/V.44 capabilities for modems that were originally sold as V.90 and/or K56Flex. Lectron listing updated: thanks to Sergey in Ukraine for Lectron link.

5-Jan-02 - Driver page - CNet listing updated. Zoom listing updated - has modem-on-hold applet and updated driver for V.92 model 3025L.

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