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LT & V.92 Modem On Hold - Updated 11-Jul-02

The Zoom Modem-On Hold Drivers:

Note - the 3090 (Venus chipset) driver can be used with the LT Win (3025), which allows an outgoing call while placing Internet connection on hold - see the instructions below. The v812 applet was designed for the LT (3025L) chipset.

Install the Zoom package. Then, locate LTMOH.INI and open it in a text editor like Notepad. (You may be able to Start->Run->ltmoh.ini to open and edit the file.)

Changes: The .ini file:
Change ModemType to 1 for Venus, 2 for Mars. Make sure you delete the semicolon before your modem type, also. Change ModemName to your modem's name EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN DEVICE MANAGER.

Go to Start->Run, and type in LTMOH.EXE

Then, connect to a V.92 number using Hyperterminal. After you connect, have someone call you. You should get a popup where you can choose what to do depending on the CallerID info.

NOTE: CallerID functions only work with the Lucent Win Modem. The LT Venus may have trouble with CallerID.


;SilentEnumeration if uncommented will cause the app to try and detect the modem and
;configure it without any user interaction. The modem detection is done based on the modem
;type or modem name


;ModemType describes the modem that is to be configured. The app will detect and configure
;the type of modem as described in the ModemType
; 1 = Venus
 2 = Mars


;ModemName describes the name of the modem that is to be detected and configured. The app
;will detect and configure a modem that has the same friendly name as ModemName. This field
;should be used to detect and configure a modem that does not have our generic modem
;friendly name 

ModemName=Lucent Win Modem



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