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Last updated 17-Aug-18

17-Aug-18: There's a new virtual server for Modemsite - 1&1 Internet now provides the virtual Windows server. I'm intending to write more about the change - for now, let me say that I've spent hours and hours to move and configure the site and I'm sure there are some things that haven't been fixed - but most things, including ad-free Premium Access should be working.... As always, your comments welcome - use Feedback Form - which I'm pretty sure is working correctly<!>

9-Apr-16: Evripidis from Greece wrote me some time ago about his quest to find a PCI modem to use as a CallerID device for a computer application. Liking the Smart Link SL2800 - but found driver support ended with Windows XP and needed a driver to work with 64-bit Windows 7. Using Modemsite and searches, he found a 64-bit driver existed for Windows XP. But, Windows 7 only accepts signed drivers - so, using tutorials on the net, modified the Smart Link drivers to self-sign them. This technique may work for other XP 64-bit modem drivers as well. Evripidis was kind enough to provide a copy of these modified drivers - see the Smartlink page for more details.

27-Aug-15 - Site Update: The site is being moved to a new server. There may be some things that don't work as they should during the transition - I'm trying to locate all the things that don't work right and correct them. Things that may not work correctly initially include - purchasing a premium access subscription, and premium access downloads. Existing premium access subscribers should be able to log in, view the site ad-free, etc. I also found that Forum56's archive was too old to be displayed and have corrected that. If you find a problem with the site migration, you are invited to let me know via the > Feedback page. The good news is that the server migration has resulted in my renewed attention to the site: there have been very few updates for many years as the relevance of dial-up modems for internet access has waned. However, there are some things worth updating - and it's now on my list! Stay tuned and thank you!

12-Sep-06 - New Drivers for Agere Soft Modem - Driver version 2.1.73 for the Agere PCI Softmodem, and for Agere AC'97/HDAudio Softmodem is now available from Modemsite Downloads (Premium Access Subscription required). An updated Modem-on-hold applet, version 1.76, is also available for download. The latest driver version provides improved performance, compatibility and reliability for most users; however, as always, modem performance may vary based upon your specific system, phone line conditions, and ISP equipment.

5-Aug-06 - Windows Vista & Modems - With the next operating system from Microsoft coming soon (and presently in widespread beta), Microsoft's Vista is set to complicate life for some still using dial-up modems. The vast majority of modems sold or bundled in the last few years have been soft or controllerless modems that will require a new driver to work with Vista. It is unlikely that new drivers will be written for all the various modem chipsets. Furthermore, some computer manufacturers (notably HP/Compaq) have in the past designed built-in obstacles that prevent the machine or some of its included components from running a a version of Windows newer than that which was shipped with the system. As I get more information on what modems and systems will and will not be supported on Vista, the site will be updated, and a new page for Microsoft Windows Vista & Modems will be added. If you are running Vista with a dial-up modem, please send me your feedback and experiences. Thanks!

12-May-06 - Smartlink exits dial-up modem business - Up until a few weeks ago, Smartlink described itself as "...the world's third largest supplier of analog modems..." Smartlink, based in Israel, has apparently exited the dial-up modem business: recently, it's website appeared only in Hebrew; and, now, the site is back in English, with most content coming from (the Smartlink homepage, is identical to the home page). See Modemsite's Smartlink page for more information.

2-May-06 - Agere PCI Softmodem Driver - A new driver version 2.1.65 is now available from Modemsite Downloads for Agere PCI Softmodems. The new is available for Windows 2000 & XP, and for 64-bit Windows XP. More info on Agere Softmodem here.

15-Mar-06 - Agere Softmodem SV92PP Driver - The 2.1.54 driver available from Modemsite has been modified to provide support for Agere SV92PP softmodem. The driver is available from Modemsite Downloads (Premium Access Subscription required). The SV92PP comes with many HP/Compaq systems - however, the HP/Compaq-supplied driver will not support V.92/Modem-on-hold. The driver available from Modemsite does support modem-on-hold.

5-Feb-06 - New Codec from Agere - Agere has added a new codec, CSP1040 to its product line. Designed for use with the SV92 series softmodem, this solid-state codec will require newer driver versions - not yet available from Modemsite. The new codec may appear in SV92PP (PCI), SV92A3 (HDA), and SV92U2 (USB) modems. The codec is listed in Agere's product line card under 'Modem - Codec'. (The codec is the part of a modem that provides the interface between the analog telephone line to the digital signal processor of the modem.)

6-Dec-05 - 64-bit Windows XP & Modems - Support for dial-up modems with 64-bit Windows will require a new 64-bit operating system-specific driver for all modems except for standard hardware-controller-based modems that interface to the system with a standard COM port. 64-bit XP comes with support for a limited set of 'Winmodems' and Softmodems. There is no Smartlink driver with 64-bit XP, but there is a driver available for download on the Smartlink site. As additional resources for modem support in 64bit Windows are located, I'll be adding them. If you know of any, please send Feedback!

18-Nov-05 - Modemsite Updates - The number of people connecting to the Internet with dial-up modems continues to decrease as more and more people have access to high-speed broadband connections. I will continue to maintain and update Modemsite for those who need to use dial-up for dedicated or occasional faxing or Internet access. I haven't been able to keep all the external links properly updated, and will be making an effort to make major updates to the site within the next few months. Since fewer and fewer people need the information, the "unit cost" rises: an increase in the Modemsite Premium Access Subscription fees will be coming to help support the site. If this information is important to you - sign up now to show your support and lock in your subscription at today's low rate!

21-Aug-05 - Smartlink Site Re-appears - 21-Aug-05 update: Smartlink site is back to normal. 14-Aug-05: The Smartlink website ( has either been hacked, or taken down in an unusual way: the main page brings up only the text 'WFR2' - the pages for other content (directly linked to from the Modemsite Smartlink Page) no longer exist. (Further investigation revealed the server/IP for Smart Link shared by other domains also producing the unusual text.)

24-Jul-05 - Agere Softmodem & Windows Update Driver - Microsoft Windows Update now has a 2.1.56 driver for the Agere Softmodem. This driver has V.92 disabled (see 19-May-05 update below). The newest driver from Modemsite downloads (2.1.54 with V.92) remains the best choice for Windows 2000/XP users: the driver has V.92 functionality and there is nothing that has changed with the .56 release that would affect modem connectivity or performance.

3-Jul-05 - New Smartlink Drivers - Smartlink has released new drivers including version for 64-bit Windows.

15-Jun-05 - Agere Softmodem Driver - A new 2.1.54 driver for Agere SV92P Softmodem is now available from Modemsite Downloads for Windows 2000 & XP only. Since this driver (currently) is a newer version than that which is available from Microsoft's Windows Update, it won't (currently) be replaced if you have Automatic Updates set to update your system without notifying you (see 19-May-05 item below).

19-May-05 - Agere Softmodem & Windows Update Driver - The driver for Agere SV92P Softmodems currently available for Windows 2000 & XP from Microsoft's Windows Update (2.1.51) has V.92 disabled. Updating to this driver will result in loss of V.92-functionality including the ability to do Modem on Hold. Unfortunately, this driver has been marked such that users who have Windows Automatic Updates turned on may receive this driver automatically and without notification. The 2.1.51 (and older) drivers available from Modemsite Downloads do not have V.92 disabled. However, in some cases, without changing Automatic Updates to off, or to notify before installation, the V.92-disabled driver from Windows Update may be re-installed. Users who experience loss of V.92/modem-on-hold functionality should either rollback to the prior driver, or download and install a driver from Modemsite. Also see: SV92P Modem Information.

15-May-05 - New Server - Modemsite has moved to a new upgraded server. It will take some time before the DNS changes propagate through the Internet, but the old server remains online during this transition. Thank you for your patience as I check to make sure everything works correctly....(You are viewing this page from the new server.)

27-Mar-05 - New Drivers: New driver version 2.1.51 for Agere's SVP Softmodem is now available for Windows 2000 & XP only. This driver is available from Modemsite's Premium Downloads, and may also be available from Microsoft. Smartlink has released a new driver version 4.00.08.

3-Mar-05 - Smartlink redesigns site - and has released a new driver version. See the Smartlink page.
Beta drivers for 64-bit Windows & Conexant-chipset modems - Now available from Modemsite downloads.

7-Jan-05 - No V.92 for USR V.Everything - David Holiman writes "Looks like USR has given up on upgrading the 2805/2806 Courier v.90 modems to the V.92 protocol standard. After two plus years of waiting, poof! All of the sudden, the upgrade is not even 'coming soon' anymore."

2-Jan-05 - Agere PCI Softmodem Drivers & Windows Update - Microsoft Windows Update for XP now may offer the 2.1.47 driver, correcting the update loop referred to in previous 12-Nov-04 item.

12-Nov-04 - Agere PCI Softmodem Drivers & Windows Update - Microsoft Windows Update for XP may have "a bad" driver for owners of the Agere PCI Softmodem. The HP/Compaq-customized driver may be installed automatically when upgrading to XP SP2, and/or, may be installed as part of Windows Automatic Updates. After this update is installed, Automatic Updates may get stuck in a loop continuing to re-install the same driver update. More details on Modemsite's SVP page. The most current driver release is 2.1.47 and is available from Modemsite Downloads.

4-Nov-04 | 22-Oct-04 - Smartlink Modem & XP Service Pack 2 - Smartlink softmodems may lose some functionality with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Problems may include complete system lockup/crash - See the bottom of the Smartlink modem page. A new driver released 28-Oct-04 is now available on the Smartlink site that may correct some of the problems. (Link & more info: Smartlink page).

18-Oct-04 - Distinctive Ring Update - I've added information to the Distinctive Ring with Windows XP & 2000 page that may allow you to enable at least partial distinctive ring support in these newer versions of Windows.

17-Sep-04 - Windows Security Issues - This isn't modem-specific, but with a new Windows vulnerability recently discovered, I've got to mention it: Microsoft's JPEG (.jpg) flaw affects nearly all Microsoft products including Internet Explorer. All unpatched systems surfing the Internet or e-mail are affected. Windows Update alone isn't enough: if you have any Microsoft Office, as well as other Microsoft application software, each may require separate updates. Microsoft has also released Service Pack 2, a major security update to Windows XP. The critical .jpg patch can be applied without updating to Service Pack 2 by selecting a custom install. While there have been many problems reported with the SP2 upgrade, I'm not aware of any new problems for modems with XP Service Pack2.

18-Aug-04 - Agere/LT-Win 8.31 Driver Info - Microsoft's Windows Update may offer a driver update for Agere (formerly Lucent) "LT Win Modems" or Agere Win Modems. The 8.31 driver was a special build for an Agere customer - fixing a problem that is not likely to occur for nearly all LT modem users. Because this driver did not undergo the testing normally done with general driver releases, Agere is not making this a general release and it won't appear at Modemsite. So, why is it on Windows Update? [When a driver is submitted to Microsoft's WHQL for testing and driver signature, the submitter indicates whether the driver is to be made available via Windows update.] Should you upgrade to 8.31? [It's safer to stay with 8.30.]

24-Jun-04 - Conexant/Rockwell Modem-on-Hold Trouble - Updated information on V.92 Modem-on-hold and Rockwell/Conexant Modem-on-hold pages may help for those with trouble putting Internet connection on hold with NetWaiting software.

24-Jun-04 - NetoDragon - Smartlink Driver Update - Motorola SM56 & Smartlink pages updated to reflect new information that may help those who want updated Win9x driver for Netodragon modem.

18-Jun-04 - Distinctive Ring Update - Modemsite's information on Distinctive Ring and Modems has been updated with information on an application that can provide distinctive ring support in Windows 2000 & XP. Also - link added to the original WinDrivers Backup Freeware (for personal use) - see general utilities section. (This software was ripped-off by Huntersoft / ZhangDuo and distributed as WinDrivers Expert freeware - but with a drop-dead "feature" (see 11-Jan-03 update below).  ZhangDuo then morphed the software into WinDriverGoast and now MyDrivers, both of which are not free and I recommend avoiding any Huntersoft / ZhangDuo software.

6-Jun-04 - New Pages at Modemsite - Nameservers are an essential part of Internet connectivity. New in the "Trouble Beyond the Modem" section is a page that can help you identify, troubleshoot and solve nameserver (DNS-related) problems: Nameservers & NSLookup. The problem can be compounded by Windows caching unresolved domain name lookups: if something prevents your system from getting the address of a domain name, that 'server not found' becomes semi-permanent. Another new Modemsite page explains how to Disable Windows Cache for Unresolved Names.

26-May-04 - New Conexant HCF & HSF Booster / Driver Beta - New beta drivers for Conexant chipsets (HCF2, HSF2 and HCF-USB) and a new Softmodem booster from ACorp are available from Modemsite downalods. The drivers developed by DDiX Labs (Russia) - which seeks feedback on the drivers. I'm not currently using/testing an HCF or HSF modem, so I haven't tested these drivers and booster at this time - use at your own risk and discretion! Also post any feedback/questions on the Conexant section of Forum56 please. More info on Conexant chipset modems: HCF/HCF2  HSF/HSF2-Soft56.

7-May-04 - New Driver for Agere Softmodem - Modemsite downloads has new 2.1.40 driver release for SV92P Softmodems.

20-Apr-04 - Broadband penetration approaching 50% in USA - 4 years ago in April 2000, only about 3% of USA Internet users connected via a high-speed broadband connection. Today, the number is over 45% - and growing. The demand for and importance of dial-up modems will continue to be eroded by broadband's growth. It's unlikely we'll see any major improvement in dial-up modem technology or speeds as the market shifts to broadband: higher dial-up speeds would require a re-design of the switched telephone network that won't happen.

20-Apr-04 - Buying a 56k Modem - I've revised and updated the Buying a 56k Modem page.

8-Apr-04 - Smartlink Site - Israel-based Smartlink's site -  disappeared over the weekend -but is back up. Globes 18-Feb-04 report: Smartlink (again) mulling an IPO to raise $15-20 million. Modemsite's Smartlink page.

22-Feb-04 - Free Microsoft Security Update CD - With all the security holes discovered in the various versions of Windows, there must be millions of PCs out there that haven't had all the patches applied. While Microsoft offers online "Windows Update", those who don't use it regularly may find getting their computer patches with all the fixes may take hours to download. Now, Microsoft is offering a security update CD free of charge - click here for the Microsoft Security Update CD. (Note: The CD only includes security updates released through October, 2003 - but it's a good start. And, if you ever re-install Windows, you'll need to re-apply all security updates.)

4-Feb-04 -VoIP buzz - Voice over IP has become a hot topic: the well-defined and well-regulated global public switched telephone network is a century-old technological dinosaur threatened by the Internet. VoIP is getting the attention of the FCC, FBI, congress, and the media as the major cable companies plan to add local phone service. Smaller operations (Vonage, Net2Phone, iConnectHere, etc.) already offer VoIP services that, for example, allow a person in Korea, or Boise Idaho, or almost anywhere to have a New York, or Chicago telephone number. VoIP may introduce new challenges for modem users - more on the new VoIP & Modems.

9-Jan-04 - AOL's Discount Service: Netscape - AOL has launched a new version of its proprietary service and is calling it Netscape Internet Service - offering unlimited Internet access for $9.95/month, compared to $23.90 for AOL. Note: There is no mention of AOL's ownership of this service that I can find - and, note that there is a $10. charge per technical support phone call with this service! An E-Bay auction for 200, which includes 1 year of "free" Netscape Internet access ends January 15, 2004. (Proceeds from the Netscape auction may be donated to charity.)

6-Jan-04 - Faster Dialup - More ISPs - including some of the major ones - are offering "faster" dial-up accounts for an extra fee. "NetZero HighSpeed" for an extra $5 month and "up to 5x faster". "Earthlink Accelerator" ("free") "up to 5x faster." Some may compare these speeds to broadband. However, none of these services can increase the speed at which your modem sends or receives data to or from the Internet: they can only increase speed by reducing the amount of data. The bottom line: it's a good deal for the ISPs - there is little cost to them - high-profit. It's probably not a good deal for you: for the most part - and where it matters most (big downloads) - there won't be much of a speed increase.

6-Jan-04 - Happy New Year Modem Outlook: Although high-speed (DSL & cable) are growing, more people by far will still access the Internet via dial-up modems in 2004. I don't expect to see any significant change in dial-up modems: V.92 modems will remain as the latest/best dial-up modem, although the increased upstream speeds in the standard will remain unfulfilled. (It looks as if Cisco and Lucent - both of which had promised server-side support for PCM upstream - will not incorporate PCM upstream in their product.) Most of the modems sold in 2004 will be softmodems. Modemsite will continue to provide information and updates!

14-Dec-03 - Diamond Supra - Best Data Products, Inc. acquired Diamond Multimedia on Sep 1, 2003. The Diamond support page indicates that any product purchased prior to 1-Sep-03 is unsupported - out of warranty and end of life. An archive of Diamond Supra modem drivers is provided on the site. Best Data's 26-Aug-03 press release suggests a re-launch of Diamond SupraMax modems. At this time, all "new" Diamond modems are the same ones available pre Sep 1. caveat emptor.

11-Dec-03 - SHSMOD - Thanks to Bill Hill in NY for pointing out this free utility that can break the 115.2k bps barrier on some UARTs. If you have an external 56k modem capable of greater than 115.2kbps port speed, this utility is worth a look. The SHSMOD site has been added to Modemsite's Links page.

6-Dec-03 - V.92 and Zoom 3049L - When V.92 was made an official standard in 3 years ago, Zoom was first to market using Lucent (now Agere) chipsets - selling models 3025L (a LT Win Modem), and the 3049L with Venus chipset. In 2001, Zoom switched to Conexant for chipsets, and hasn't provided 3049L customers with firmware updates needed to make V.92 features work. The good news: Modemsite now offers a 3049L-compatible V.92 firmware update package. More info.

8-Nov-03 - Forum56 Public Forums - Forum56 - Modemsite's Modem Discussion Board - has a new open-to-the-public section for modem Q&A - soon to be ad-supported. Premium Access subscribers continue to have ad-free access to all Forum sections.

24-Oct-03 - New Drivers - Modemsite Downloads now has updated driver for Agere Softmodem (SV92P) version 2.1.34.

16-Oct-03 - AOL Call Alert - Rather than support V.92 which offers the ability to handle calls while online, AOL forces its V.92 network providers to turn off modem-on-hold while it sells and promotes the "AOL Call Alert" service. Since August when Modemsite's AOL Call Alert page first appeared, I receive almost daily e-mails from AOL customers asking that the service (and charges for it) be stopped. The page has been revised to try and make it clear that Modemsite has no affiliation with AOL and doesn't provide any AOL customer service.

12-Aug-03 - PCTel exits the dial-up modem biz - Conexant has acquired PCTel's soft modem business - PCTel's website no longer has information or drivers for PCTel modems. Under the terms of the deal announced by the companies in May of this year, Conexant takes over PCTel facilities in the USA, Taiwan and Japan, along with fully-paid licenses to PCTel's modem patent portfolio which includes patents essential to making 56k modems. See: Conexant Press Release

25-Jul-03 - Behind the scenes...  Early in July, Modemsite moved to a new server (still at - everything went rather smoothly. Premium Access Subscribers may notice even faster performance on the site. I'm also working on adding a public ad-supported section to Modemsite's Forum56. Other Modem Sites: has disappeared ('This account has been suspended'). Alex Kemp is moving his excellent site to a new URL - (not to be confused with a not-so-excellent 

2-Jul-03 - Patton releases new V.92 server code - See V.92 news 2-Jul-03. Of note: the release notes for the new code indicate PCM upstream is disabled in the new release - along with fixes to some V.92 compatibility issues. Patton and Commworks (formerly USR) are the only RAS vendors that have released code with V.92 PCM upstream. It appears that any significant upstream boost with V.92's touted PCM upstream capability may never materialize. More coming....

19-Jun-03 - Modemsite Update - The site mirror at my original URL - - is being discontinued. The URLs will still work but result in redirect to the domain. Modemsite Content - there's a lot here, and a lot of it is in need of updates - I've been updating various pages and am still working at it (a job that never ends).... The good news is: advertising that supports "free" content is improving. Google has expanded its Paid Search Adwords to content sites - delivering multiple text ads in banner space. 

11-Jun-03 - Motorola Back in the Softmodem business - In July 2001, Motorola announced it wouldn't continue in the analog modem business - but, it looks like the SM56 has been brought back to life: Motorola Softmodem Products. The Motorola Download page  has only one new driver (presumably V.92), listed for Windows XP and for speakerphone model only listed as "build 6.02.13". The actual download is over 4megabytes, and appears to include V.92 drivers for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

14-May-03 - Distinctive Ring - Finally - a really good explanation. Over the years, I've had more questions than answers about getting distinctive ring to work. The new Distinctive Ring & Modems page should help those who want more than a data connection from their modem.

8-May-03 - USR Courier V.92 Upgrade - USR has released V.92 code for model 3CP3453 Courier modems - available from the USR site. This upgrade leaves the older "V.Everything" Couriers unable to do everything: V.92 still isn't available for 25mhz 2805/2806 models - although it's still listed as a modem for which V.92 is "coming soon". (It was first listed as "coming soon" in August 2001 - see 14-Aug-01 V.92 update item at Modemsite.)

3-May-03 - XP: Security Patch = Big slow-down: A recent Microsoft Security Update for Windows XP may patch another Microsoft security flaw, but it may also remind you what it was like using a PC 10 or 20 years ago: programs (like your browser) may take 10, 15, or 20 seconds to open on your Pentium IV after applying the patch! The patch, released around April 16, is Windows XP Hotfix Q811493. If you've applied this patch and noticed your computer is taking forever to load apps, you can uninstall the patch from Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs (Q811493). While this isn't a modem problem, it is a BIG problem if you haven't heard about it and routinely keep your system updated with the latest patches. Microsoft updated technical information about this patch on April 25, including acknowledgement of the slowdown; See MS Security Bulletin (you'll need to expand the Technical Details and FAQ sections to see the details). Search for reports. This 'gotcha' comes along with modem disconnect trouble caused by Microsoft's Automatic Update (see next item below); and, Microsoft's release of a driver "update" that disabled all V.92/V.44 features of LT Modems (see 20-Mar-03 item below).

26-Apr-03 - XP: Automatic Update = Automatic Disconnect - You may be surprised to learn that Microsoft apparently thinks a check should be made every 5 minutes to see if there are new security patches for Windows XP: not only will the Windows Update Service (enabled by default in XP) rob throughput from your dial-up connection on a regular basis - it may disconnect you every 5 minutes if you have it enabled and change the modem in your system! New page: Windows XP & Modem Disconnects.

16-Apr-03 - Audible alert with Modem-on-Hold is now available for Agere (formerly Lucent) V.92 DSP (LT Win) and Softmodems. LtMoH version 1.71 is now on the driver CD for new shipments of Modemsite's DSP and Softmodems, and is available from Modemsite Downloads. Kudos to Agere for responding to the numerous requests for this feature which can alert you to an incoming call while, for example, you're downloading and not in front of the screen.

12-Apr-03 - V.44 Wowed me - Depending upon what you're transferring, V.44 compression really can make a significant difference - V.44 vs V.42

12-Apr-03 - MyVitalAgent MIA - The free throughput monitoring utility is gone from the Lucent site. Net.Medic info page updated.

26-Mar-03 - All Holds Barred - National V.92 access provider Level3 has turned off modem-on-hold support across its network, except where the Level3 ISP customer has specifically requested it be enabled. See the 26-Mar-03 V.92 News Update.

20-Mar-03 - Drivers - New 2.1.25 driver for SV92P available from Modemsite Downloads. A new 8.27 driver from Microsoft Windows Update for the LT Win may be something to avoid: see the 'Windows Update Caution' on the Where to Find the LT Driver page.

4-Mar-03 - UTSARCOM to acquire 3Com's CommWorks - In a deal worth $100 million, UTSARCOM will acquire "selected" 3Com/Commworks assets. Among other products, Commworks makes and sells the formerly USR "Total Control" line of RAS servers used by many ISPs. UTSARCOM, founded in 1991, is a NASDAQ-listed company whose sales to-date have primarily been to China. More.

13-Feb-03 - New Modem Drivers - Recent releases available from or linked to at Modemsite include: Conexant HCF/HCF2 Generic from 'The Doctor'; a new Lucent/Agere SV92P driver; and, a V.92 driver from Toshiba for the Lucent/Agere AMR

4-Feb-03 - Keeping up... - Modemsite - originally '56k=v.Unreliable' is 5 years old this month. I'm working full-time publishing and maintaining Modemsite. I'm a little behind with some of the feedback and updates that need to be done to the information here - see my v.Page. A new Modemsite logo also appears this month - designed by 'Sparkie' via

23-Jan-03 - V.92 & The Mac - Users of Macintosh computers can purchase a V.92 modem that "supports" modem-on-hold - they just can't obtain any software that actually lets them do modem-on-hold. See the 23-Jan-03 V.92 News Update.

12-Jan-03 - WindriverExpert Backup Freeware 'expires' - I've recommended the use of 'WinDriverExpert' backup freeware for backup and restore of Windows drivers - and re-distributed the freeware as well. Little did I know that it had a drop-dead date in it - with a referral to a [non-working] website. Best I can tell, this is being turned into a commercial shareware package, renamed WinDriverGhost, which will cost over $20 after a 15-day free trial. I have nothing against shareware - but - this doesn't seem right: those of us who've made backups using WinDriverExpert can no longer restore them? (The drop-dead "feature" can be defeated by (temporarily) changing the clcok - double-click the time display in the Windows task-bar, and change the date to 2002 or earlier, then the program can be run, and you can re-set the clock back to the correct time afterwards.)

24-Dec-02 - Windows95 End-of-life - As of January 1, 2003, Microsoft will no longer provide any support, patches and fixes, or downloads for the Windows 95 operating system. If you have a system running Windows 95, now is the time to make sure it's well-tuned and that you've got all the security patches and updates from Microsoft's Windows Update. See: More info on Microsoft product life cycles.

14-Dec-02 - DirecTV Broadband to shut down - The Hughes subsidiary which provides high-speed Internet service to 160,000 customers announced yesterday that it will discontinue operations. Existing customers will have at least 30 days to find alternatives. See the Press Release.

12-Dec-02 - Bonzi sued - A nationwide class action lawsuit has been filed by law firm Lukins & Annis in Washington state against Bonzi Software Inc. Bonzi software's InternetBoost has been the subject on a Modemsite "scam" warning for years. The suit seeks damages for each person  in the United States that has ever encountered a Bonzi banner advertisement in the amount of $500 plus $5 per deceptive advertising banner issued by Bonzi.

29-Nov-02 - New Agere V.92 Softmodem drivers - Driver version 2.1.21, and Modem-on-Hold version 1.68 are available from Modemsite Downloads. The MoH applet should work with Agere Softmodem and V.92 LT Win Modems. The applet should work with the Venus chipset with a modification to the Ltmoh.ini file. (Details in Modemsite's MoH Readme.)

24-Nov-02 - Hot Flash List - New e-mail notification available to Premium Access subscribers: you can select to receive an e-mail notice when new drivers are released for LT Win and/or Agere Soft Modems. To enable or change e-mail preferences, go to the Login screen.

23-Nov-02 - V.92 Trouble: Interoperability - New page - also seeking Feedback from people with V.92 modems - do you notice any difference with V.44 compression, and are you getting faster handshakes? 

23-Nov-02 - Broken Link Help - A new page added to report broken links - and the possibility to be rewarded if you help! The Broken Link link now at the bottom of most pages. I've also added a v.Richard v.Page with some random modem & non-modem stuff...

30-Oct-02 - NetDragon / NetoDragon & Motorola? Cheap NetDragon modems being sold as "formerly Motorola" using a "NetoDragon" or "NetDragon" chipset. What are they? In previous 19-Oct-02 update, I reported they were actually Smartlink chipset modems produced by Taipei, Taiwan-based 'NetoDragon'. They are not a new chipset, or a Motorola chipset, and those who are marketing it as "formerly Motorola" are creating confusion..... I also suggested on Motorola & Smartlink pages that Smartlink drivers should work for these modems; however, I've gotten back reports of no joy from users: Smartlink drivers report "driver not compatible with installed modem codec". I'm still searching for more facts about this one..... Feedback.

19-Oct-02 - Windows 98 BSOD - Some Win98 users may get a blue screen of death if Microsoft's vcomm.vxd patch patch is applied to the operating system. (See MS KB Q291854 which recommends applying the patch to resolve printing issue with suspend/resume.) Thanks to Steve in Scotland for pointing out the availability of a newer patch that resolves the modem problem - - available from Toshiba, and not described in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

9-Oct-02 - V.92 ISPs - The form for V.92 ISP submission has been revised to collect PCM upstream and modem-on-hold timeout information. ISPs already on the list - please use the form to update your listing. The form is at the bottom of the V.92 ISPs page.

25-Sep-02 - V.92 Deception? Consumer complaints have been submitted to the FTC and BBB over SonicBLUE/Diamond Multimedia selling V.92 modems that don't come with software to provide the advertised modem-on-hold. (See V.92 News - 25-Sep-02) Perhaps more disturbing, and not yet the subject of complaints, are the misleading statements made by modem vendors and ISPs regarding V.92 capabilities: While the official V.92 standard, now almost 2 years old, provides for PCM upstream rates up to 48kbps, the actual rates being achieved with PCM upstream are no better than upstream rates that can be achieved with V.90/V.34 modems. And that's if the ISP's V.92 equipment supports PCM upstream at all.

ISP's and modem vendors, desperate for sales and a competitive advantage, may try and hawk V.92 as "Broadband-lite" implying some great advance in dial-up modems. Most people will find this misleading at best. Interoperability problems, with V.92 as well as V.90 and older modems, have led some "V.92" ISPs to disable all or some V.92 feature. Cisco, which has been touting Broadband-lite for almost 2 years,  and Lucent still have not released modem code that supports V.92 PCM upstream for server modems - this may not come until 2003 - if at all.

3-Sep-02 - New LT Win Driver - 'LT Win Modem' generic driver version 8.24, and V.92 LT Modem-on-Hold v 1.64 are now available at Modemsite. See: LT Driver Page.

28-Aug-02 - V.92 Modem-on-hold problems - Windows 2000 and XP users with V.92 LT Win Modem may find Windows crashing: if the ISP allows a maximum modem-on-hold time greater than 8 minutes, Windows may reboot when a call comes in. Cisco release notes indicate an unresolved problem responding to client MoH requests. See V.92 News 28-Aug-02.

10-Aug-02 - US Robotics 5686E - There's a new version of USR's V.92 external faxmodem, previously model 5686D. While the 5686E currently doesn't appear in US Robotic's Products section of their site, there is a support page for the 5686E. (The support page for the 'current' 5686D product has been removed.) The letter change indicates some difference in the model - one difference appears to be the color of the case.

7-Aug-02 - Buying a 56k Modem - updated. The list of ISPs supporting V.92 is growing, and many of them include "deceptive" V.92 information: V.92's PCM upstream basically doesn't work - at least so far. It's refreshing to see ISP COMTECK of Indiana's candid V.92 FAQ.

2-Aug-02 - New Downloads available - The AT#UD and AT&V modem diagnostic decoder utilities are now available in Modemsite's download area. The UD (unimodem diagnostics) command is supported by a number of modem chipsets - see Modem Diagnostics.

26-Jul-02 - USR Warranty - Another newsgroup post (not picked up by Google) on July 22 with another $19.95 to troubleshoot before any warranty service leads to a new page at Modemsite: USR Warranty. Includes what appears to be the only way you can get warranty service without first spending $19.95 plus toll charges for what may be (more than one) 20+ minute call.

24-Jul-02 - New $1.49 Premium Access Option - Now, you can use MasterCard or Visa to pay Modemsite directly without having to use PayPal! The new sign-up page is on-line.

21-Jul-02 - USR Warranty? - Wayne Jackson recently had a problem:

I just called USR to get an RMA# because my 20 month old USR 5610A quit working. The modem comes with a 5 year warranty, so I figured it wouldn't be much trouble to get an RMA#, but USR told me that after 90 days service calls are $19.95, and that I would have to have a credit card because they would have to do a troubleshoot on the modem before they could give me an SRO#.
(Source: comp.dcom.modems post.)

Apparently, if you call USR with (what you think is) a warranty issue, they first want to charge you $19.95 to troubleshoot the modem. If you don't have a credit card, you're stuck. However, if you deal with USR via e-mail, and insist, USR's policy is to honor the warranty. (See last post in thread linked above.)

21-Jul-02 - Site update - I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on Modemsite and A new payment option for Premium Access is coming soon: now has a merchant account for credit cards, and you'll be able to use MasterCard and Visa cards. A low-cost subscription will be available without having to use PayPal! Another project I've been working on is a "Universal Database Viewer/Manager". This allows me to view and alter any of the various databases on my webserver without coding any pages. I'm including it in the new version of my ASP Hyperlink Tracker, also coming soon.

3-Jul-02 - Driver backup utility - Nifty freeware utility WinDriver Expert has been added to Modemsite's download area. Works in all versions of Windows from 95 to XP and allows you to backup - and restore - any or all of the drivers on your system. I've long recommended making a backup before you upgrade modem drivers - and this software makes it easy!

3-Jul-02 - No More Prodigy - Online service Prodigy, born before widespread use of the Internet, was acquired by SBC Communications which is no longer marketing the 'Prodigy Service'. While the and domains and e-mail addresses remain, the service is transitioning to 'SBC Yahoo! Dial'.


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